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569 pages

The Ebay Price Guide, What Sells for What (in Every Category!)

Creator: Julia L. Wilkinson | 2006

Publisher: No Starch Pr

About this book
Every eBayer knows that setting prices and deciding how much to bid is a delicate art. While there are many guides to pricing for specific collectibles and the like, this is the first reference to help you determine how much to bid or how much to pay on eBay for a wide array of items. "The eBay Price Guide" is filled with exhaustive lists of selling prices for items ranging from rare books and sports memorabilia to computer parts and video games, covering nearly every eBay niche and the most popular subcategories. Introductions to each category offer helpful tips and advice that you'll find invaluable on their own. But not only that, the version of the DeepAnalysis software included on the CD-ROM will have you sifting through even more pricing data from a vast amount of eBay auctions so that you can better evaluate the eBay market, predict how various items will sell, and find out where the deals are. You'll learn that you can sell Abbot & Costello's Frankenstein on 16 mm film or a hospital bottle from the Civil War for just over $700, but for about a buck you can get an amber glass medicine jar or The Bride of Frankenstein on 8 mm film. If you're an eBay seller, "The eBay Price Guide" will help you to anticipate how much an item will sell for. If you're a buyer, you be able to see at a glance which categories tend to be overpriced, where to find the best bargains, and how to bid so that you're more likely to get what you want. Whether you're selling cell phones, a pair of used Levi's, or grandma's ancient (and dusty) vase, you'll find this book and software kit indispensable in your quest to set or get the right price on eBay. The companion CD contains ademo version of HammerTap's DeepAnalysis auction research software, which sorts through licensed eBay data and statistics for all eBay market sectors to reveal market trends so sellers can develop strategies for success. The CD also includes The eBay Appetizer, an eBooklet that describes how to get started on eBay, as well as The Seller's Guide and The Auction Accelerator, with lessons from a seasoned Internet business coach. Users will receive 20 percent off their first three months' subscription to DeepAnalysis as well.

Country life

Social Science - 1986

Then, rather than ape conventional designs, we've replaced the usual tube with a before you ever pick up the Handycam. All you have to do is point and shoot. And you can do so for up to 3 hours on one of our tiny Video 8 cassettes.

The bulletin

History - 1992

An 8X video lens is roughly equivalent to a 350mm still- camera lens. Japan's backroom engineers have developed digital ... Sony's flagship model, the $4999 CCD-V5000 - a Hi-8 model aimed at professionals and well-heeled amateurs - uses ...

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Sony Video 8 Handycam | eBay - Electronics, Cars, Fashion ...
Find great deals on eBay for Sony Video 8 Handycam in Camcorders and Equipment. Shop with confidence.

sony video 8 handycam - YouTube
vintage camera review

sony video 8 handycam | eBay - Electronics, Cars, Fashion ...
Find great deals on eBay for sony video 8 handycam sony video camera. Shop with confidence.

Sony Handycam ccd-tr74 Video 8 camcorder from 1996 - YouTube
Sony Handycam Video 8: 36x zoom (12x optical, 24x digital), uses hi8 8mm tapes, and has only an internal viewfinder.

sony video 8 handycam | eBay - Electronics, Cars, Fashion ...
Find great deals on eBay for sony video 8 handycam video 8 camcorder. Shop with confidence.


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  • Sony

    Sony CCDTRV43 18x Optical Zoom 330x Digital Zoom Hi8 Camcorder

    Photography (Sony)

    Image stabilization
    2.5-inch swivel LCD screen
    6 Programmed exposure modes
    Night video capability
    330x digital zoom

  • Sony

    Sony HD Video Recording HDRPJ440 PJ Handycam Camcorder

    Photography (Sony)
    List Price: $398.00

    Built-in USB cable for easy file transfer/charge
    Connect, control, backup and share wirelessly with NFC2/Wi-Fi®
    Broadcast LIVE from your camcorder using Ustream(TM)4 live-streaming
    Optical SteadyShot(TM) image stabilization w/Active mode
    View on 2.7" LCD or project up to 100"(diag) on built-in projector
    50Mbps XAVC S(TM)3 1920x1080 at 60P, AVCHD(TM) and MP4 codecs
    Get creative w/ 7 picture effects for video and still photos
    Face Detection with voice enhancement and noise reduction
    Automatically creates highlight video in MP4 from multiple clips
    26.8mm ZEISS® Lens w/30x Optical/60x Clear Image Zoom

  • Sony

    Sony Handycam CCD-TRV15 8mm Video 8 Camcorder

    Photography (Sony)
    List Price: $999.99
    Price: $666.66
    You Save: $333.33 (33%)

    Recording Definition: Standard Definition
    Media Format: 8mm, Hi8
    Screen Size: 2.5"
    Optical Zoom: 16x
    Storage Type: Removable (Card/Disc/Tape)

  • Sony

    Sony HDRPJ540/B Video Camera with 3-Inch LCD (Black)

    Photography (Sony)
    List Price: $699.99

    Balanced Optical Steady Shot image stabilization
    1920x1080 Full HD 24p/60p with 9.2MP Exmor R CMOS Sensor
    Project ~100" videos with 25lm built-in projector via HDMI

  • Sony

    sony steady shot handycam video 8 CCD-TR94

    Photography (Sony)

  • Sony

    Sony Handycam Video 8 Betamax Camcorder #CCD-FX-410

    Photography (Sony)

    Large carry-on black bag
    Remote control device
    2 Ambico video lens #V-0385
    Power adapter & battery
    Sony Handycam Camcorder Betamax Video 8

  • Sony

    Sony CCD-TRV25 Camcorder Handycam Vision Color LCD Monitor

    Photography (Sony)

    Rating (1 reviews):

    I am impressed with the camcorder.... ...

    0 5/5 Richard L Bornheim - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Sony CCD-TRV25 Camcorder Handycam Vision Color LCD Monitor (Electronics) I am impressed with the put a smile on my face, now i can play my hi8 tapes...only have about 300 of them lol 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , August 19, 2014
    64x Digital Zoom

  • Sony

    Sony CCD-TRV128 20x Optical Zoom 990x Digital Zoom Hi8 Analog Handycam

    Photography (Sony)

    Rating (17 reviews):

    Great first-timer

    I had been kicking around the idea of buying a camcorder for a couple of weeks and bought this model just two days before going on vacation. I didn't do a whole lot of research, I just liked the look and the price. It is small and sleek and super easy to use. It can use regular 8MM tapes, Hi8 or Digital8. I used it for recording live music performances in Nashville and was happy with the quality of the video and audio on playback. There are 8 effects for shooting (sepia, stretch, etc.), along with three fade-ins/outs. So I have more options than I really know what to do with at this point but I'm sure I'll get into them as I use it more. The display is sweet and can rotate around.My one complaint is the battery area. The battery clips on the back, but there is no cover - my Sony digital camera has a locking compartment the battery slides in. I'll probably also be picking up a spare, even though it seems to hold a charge well. I really like the size because I have small... 5/5 K. Stuckey "kateling" (Port Huron, MI USA) - See all my reviews, June 13, 2004

    Good out of box performer

    0 4/5 tchasman "tchasman" - See all my reviews This review is from: Sony CCD-TRV128 20x Optical Zoom 990x Digital Zoom Hi8 Analog Handycam (Electronics) This is my third video camera. I have previously owned VHS-C cameras that perfomed well. I needed the Nightshot feature for the investigations I do. The first time out, knowing general camera operation, I found this camera very easy to use. The flip out viewer is very sharp and the sound playback is good for instant review of videos. The compact size makes it easy to handle. I have yet to use all features, but I am confident that they will be satisfactory also. If you need a video feed to a computer, you'll need a capture device or get one of the digitals that have the USB/Firewire hookups. Basically, it seems to be a durable easy to operate camera. 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , July 12, 2004

    Very Impressive

    0 5/5 Jack Treese "Jack" (Holley, NY) - See all my reviews This review is from: Sony CCD-TRV128 20x Optical Zoom 990x Digital Zoom Hi8 Analog Handycam (Electronics) I have had this camcorder since October of '04, and I have only complained about one thing: not being able to hook it up to a computer through USB. Other than that, this is a very cool li'l camera that shoots good quality images. I shot video at a party for a music video with it once, and am currently using it to make a film I wrote. This is a very handy camcoreder indded, and I would recommend it to just anyone who wants to capture some fun times. I only recommend that you buy lots of tapes--it's just fun to waste tape on recording random crap sometimes! 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , April 11, 2005
    NP-FM30 InfoLithium Rechargeable Battery
    Compact Hi8 Handycam camcorder with 320,000-pixel CCD
    Low-light recording settings and built-in white LED light
    20x optical zoom lens (digital zoom to 990x) with manual focus
    2.5-inch rotating LCD and black-and-white viewfinder

  • Sony

    Sony CCD-TRV138 Hi8 Handycam Camcorder w/ 20x Optical Zoom

    Photography (Sony)
    List Price: $239.99

    Sony's CCD-TRV138 Handycam camcorder offers outstanding Hi8 video and Hi-Fi sound recording at an affordable price
    1/6-inch CCD imager with 200K effective pixels
    20x optical zoom lens with 990x digital zoom
    NightShot Plus infrared system
    2.5-inches SwivelScreen LCD display

  • Sony

    Sony Hi8 Camcorder 8mm Cassettes 120 Minute (4-Pack)

    Photography (Sony)
    List Price: $17.99

    Brilliant Color and Sound
    Metal Particle
    Sony. Our media is your memory.
    Hi8 120-minute