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The Brownie Camera

Creator: Eastman Kodak Company | Brownie camera - 19??

62 pages

Picture Taking with the Brownie Camera

Kodak camera - 1918

Camera Craft

Photography - 1907

2 Folding Pocket Brownie, will slip handily into any coat pocket, as it measures but 1% x 3,55x6% inches. It takes ... Good enough for grown-ups, ideal for the youngster who has mastered the simpler Brownie cameras and deserves the ...

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THE BROWNIE CAMERA PAGE - All About Eastman Kodak Brownie ...
The Brownie Camera Page offers history, galleries, tutorials, and helps you find out what camera you just found in the attic. It's all about Eastman Kodak Brownie Camera.

Brownie (camera) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Brownie is the name of a long-running popular series of simple and inexpensive cameras made by Eastman Kodak. The Brownie popularized low-cost photography and ...

Brownie Hawkeye and Flash Model Camera Information | The ...
Find information and learn the history of the Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model, and Brownie Flash Cameras on The Brownie Camera Page, dedicated to ...

Kodak Brownie - - The free camera encyclopedia
The name "Brownie" was a trademark used by Kodak for an enormous variety of cameras, over an 80-year history. The common theme of all the cameras bearing the brand is ...


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Editor's picks

  • Vintage Kodak Brownie Target Six-16 Art Deco Box Camera *AS PICTURED*

    Single Detail Page Misc

    Rating (1 reviews):

    Five Stars

    5/5 N. Smith (Florida,USA) - See all my reviews, April 19, 2016

  • Kodak

    Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash [Antique]

    Photography (Kodak)

    Rating (10 reviews):

    The Kodak Brownie Flash: A Nice Little Camera

    I have been an antique camera collector for many years, and I just love the old Kodak line of Brownie Box cameras. Particularly this camera (the Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash) which I believe was produced sometime in the late 1950's and perhaps early 1960's. The one I have is a later model, because of its plastic advance knob.Despite a common misconception about this camera, YES you can indeed use 120 film, and despite another misconception no modifications to the spool are needed! The 120 spool fits quite nicely in the reserve part of the film chamber, and it is relatively easy to load the camera. However you do need to use an original 620 spool for the take up (be sure to ask the photofinisher to return the spool!) With this camera you will be able to get 12 shots on a standard roll of 120 film, the frames on the negative will be square (about 2 ¼ inches by 2 ¼ inches each frame). As a result, the prints themselves will also be square and will be typically printed out at 5... 4/5 Joanne Bouthillier - See all my reviews, June 22, 2010

    Fun little camera

    5/5 M. R. Nelson (Salt Lake City, UT, USA/ EUA) - See all my reviews, November 23, 2010

    This is a [5] Star Item

    5/5 W. Craddock (tn.) - See all my reviews, June 4, 2011


    Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Box Camera with Flash - Vintage Camera

    Photography (OLDCAMS)

    Construction: Durable molded two-piece body
    Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model 620 Film Box Camera
    Vintage 1949-1961
    Lens: Fixed focus, 5 feet to infinity
    Drop-In loading chambers with spring spool centers



    Photography (KODAK)


  • Kodak

    Vintage Kodak Brownie 13mm Movie Camera f/2.7 Lens Kodachrome Film Type A

    CE (Kodak)

    Uses Kodachrome Type A Film
    13mm Movie Camera

  • Kodak

    Kodak Brownie Super 27 Camera

    Photography (Kodak)

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