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158 pages

LED Lighting, Professional Techniques for Digital Photographers

Creator: Kirk Tuck | Photography - 2012-01

Accessible for professionals and hobbyists alike, this guide helps photographers navigate the transition from traditional flash and hot lights to light-emitting diode (LED) lights, the hottest new trend in lighting technology.

Publisher: Amherst Media, Inc

About this book
Accessible for professionals and hobbyists alike, this guide helps photographers navigate the transition from traditional flash and hot lights to light-emitting diode (LED) lights, the hottest new trend in lighting technology. The arrival of cost effective LED lights has facilitated radical advances in photographic science and required photographers to change the way they use lighting. This book explains how these innovations have influenced conventional light theory and offers a seamless transition from old lighting technologies to new ones. It demystifies the process of choosing the right LED light for projects, presents common sense methods for using LEDs, and offers suggestions for achieving the perfect lighting color and balance. In addition, numerous examples using a range of LED lights provide instruction on how to use them in still life images, portraits, and even moving pictures. Using the tools in this handy reference, visual artists can invent new styles unencumbered by the limits imposed by standard light sources.

244 pages

Underwater Digital Photography for Dslrs

Creator: Steven Dale Fish | Computers - 2010-06

LED. Lighting. In chapter 11, shooting High Definition Video with a DSLR camera will be discussed. You cannot shoot video with a flash, you need a continuous light source, and it must be a fairly bright one. If you are not shooting video, you ...

Publisher: FishTales Press

About this book
Underwater Digital Photography for DSLRs will help you select a camera and housing that will fit your needs, show you how to maintain it in good working order and how to use your system to achieve the best results. The book is divided into three parts. Part One covers cameras, housings, accessories, and the care and maintenance of UW photo gear. Part Two covers underwater photography techniques for getting the best results from your equipment. Part Three discusses digital image processing including color and exposure correction, the use of special effects filters, retouching methods, composites and panoramas, automation techniques and methods of presenting your images.

180 pages

High Definition Underwater Video

Creator: Steven Dale Fish | Photography - 2009-10

A HID light that uses 20 watts of power puts out about the same amount of light as a Tungsten light using 50 watts of power. ... (LED). The newest type of UW Video light is the LED. Dive LED options for quite some time, but making a lamp head ...

Publisher: FishTales Press

About this book
High Definition Underwater Video by Steven Fish is a complete guide for the Underwater Videographer. It has chapters covering selection of camcorders appropriate for UW video, selection of UW video housings, lights and accessories, equipment care, maintenance and troubleshooting, conditions that affect UW video, using a housing's controls effectively, UW video shooting techniques, using lights and accessories, editing equipment and software, basic editing techniques and future trends in UW videography. The book is 167 pages with numerous color illustrations and examples. A companion book on advanced editing techniques for UW video is also available under the title: Final Cut Pro for Underwater Video. Both books are available in either eBook pdf formats or printed versions.

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Editor's picks

  • Neewer

    NEEWER® 160 LED CN-160 Dimmable Ultra High Power Panel Digital Camera / Camcorder Video Light, LED Light for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Panasonic,SONY, Samsung and Olympus Digital SLR Cameras

    Photography (Neewer)
    List Price: $52.95

    Compatible with five different kinds of battery(not included): Sony NP-Series Li-ion rechargeable battery, Panasonic CGR-D16S rechargeable battery, (Panasonic CGR-D16S, Sony NP-FH70, NP-FM55H, NP-F550) and Alkaline/NiMH AA Battery
    There are 2 filters included with this item, with Spotlight effect, Diffuse effect, and for reducing the color temperature to 3200K
    160-LED lights for optimum illumination and diffuser.
    Rotate switch for on/off and brightness adjustment.
    The light intensity can be changed to offer professional effects.

  • Neewer

    Neewer Lightweight Barn Door for Neewer CN-576 576LED Dimmable Ultra High Power Panel for Digital Camera/Camcorder Video Light(Barn door Only!)

    Photography (Neewer)

    Provide light control with four leaf barn doors.
    Suit perfectly with Neewer CN-576 576LED Dimmable Ultra High Power Panel
    Lightweight and easy to fold.
    Keep stray light from other areas of the subject from reflecting into the camera lens and causing flare.
    Sturdy, all metal construction

  • JYC Technology (HK) Co.,Ltd

    VILTROX L116B highest RA CRI95 LED Light Panel , 835LUM , Super Slim LED Video Light , LCD display screen, with hot shoe ball mount,Brightness can be adjusted

    Photography (JYC Technology (HK) Co.,Ltd)
    List Price: $54.98
    Price: $28.59
    You Save: $26.39 (48%)

    Topest CRI95 cab completely with perfect color of sunlight and ensure that its light is natural lifelike .apply to portrait , children is , wedding and new photography etc.
    Using knob , rotating button , brightness value will be increased or decreased by 1% (10%-100%). Press it ,Brightness value will be increasing or decreasing by 10% (10%-100%)
    Adopt PWM light adjustment technology , greatly reduced the power consumption , energy saving , which extends the service light in maximum .
    The LED Light has get the CE, EMC, FCC, RoHS certification , the quality is assured.
    Has two kinds of power supply mode , you can use Lithium battery such as NP-F550/F750/F960 series when outdoor ,and use the AC adapter when indoor . Please NOTE : the LED light doesn't include battery and AC adapter , if you need , please contact me before you order it .

  • Godox

    Godox Dimmable Ultra Bright Portable 260LUX CN36 Continuous On Camera Led Light Panel for Camera Camcorder Video(Fit Canon Sony Nikon almost DSLR Camera)

    Photography (Godox)

    Fits almost any DSLR cameras and camcorders,Used for macrophotography, product shooting, and video recording, etc
    Low power consumption, friendly environmental, and long service life.
    Selling by LETWING DIGITAL,Also selling LED64/126/160/308/500/1000 Continuous LED lighting
    Lightweight and portable lights can be interlocked, so as to achieve different light brightness.
    Support interlocking Multiple video lights,multiple lights can be interlocked together to strengthen lighting brightness and to get better lighting effects.


    YONGNUO YN600 Air LED Camera Video Light with Color Temperature 5500K for Canon Nikon Pentax Olympas Samsung

    Photography (HK YONGNUO LIMITED)
    List Price: $80.99
    Price: $79.00
    You Save: $1.99 (2%)

    YN600 Air adopts SMD LEDs of ultrahigh CRI (color rendering index); its RA average value is greater than 95,which makes it close to natural light and perfectly restores the color of the subject.
    YN600 Air adopts SMD light source. With super large illuminating angle and light panel, it's more suitable for light filling.
    YN600 Air is made up of 192 SMD LEDs of 5500K, these SMDs of super large light-emitting area. In the equivalent energy consumption, the luminous intensity is higher.
    YN600 Air introduces new dual encoder for light dimming. It's more convenient that the luminous intensity.
    YN600 Air adopts double mains input,which supports batteries of NP-F series and external DC main of 8V and 5A.

  • LimoStudio

    LimoStudio 160 LED Video Light Lamp Panel Dimmable for DSLR Camera DV Camcorder, AGG1318

    Photography (LimoStudio)

    (1) x Premium Hard Shell Carry Case
    (1) x 4 Color Filters (White, Yellow, Blue, Pink)
    (1) x Battery for Video Light (NP-F550 to NP-F950)
    (1) x Battery Charger
    (1) x 160pcs LED Continuous Light

  • Julius Studio

    Julius Studio 3x 216 Barndoor Continuous LED Video Lighting kit Dimmable Panel Camera, for Canon, Nikon, Sony and DSLR Cameras, Li-Ion Battery and Charger,Color Filters,Premium Carry Bag, JSAG159

    Photography (Julius Studio)

    Compact Portable Barn Doors 216 LED PHOTO/ VIDEO LIGHT SET (x 3)
    Carry Bag with Two Front Accessory Pockets (x 1)
    Battery for Video Light (NP-F550 to NP-F950) (x 3) | Travel charger (x 1)
    86" Photo/Video Light Stand (x 3)

  • Bestlight

    Bestlight LED308C 308PCS LED Ultra High Power Dimmable Video Light with Built-in LCD Panel for Canon,Nikon,Pentax,Panasonic,Sony, Samsung, Olympus and Other Digital DSLR Cameras or Camcorders

    Photography (Bestlight)

    Wirelessly adjust brightness or color temperature.
    Large-sized LCD panel. Settings auto saved. Quickly change panel angle. Fits almost any cameras and camcorders. NOTE:Power With Sony NP-F battery(not included) or AC Adapter
    Include a remote control, a portable handle, a mini stand and color filter set (red,blue,white)
    38-LED-bulbs panel is lithium-ion or DC powered.
    Wireless 433MHz grouping system (6 groups & 16 channels).

  • Neewer

    Neewer CN-LUX360 5400K Dimmable LED Video Light Lamp for Canon Nikon Camera DV Camcorder

    Photography (Neewer)
    List Price: $24.53
    Price: $16.99
    You Save: $7.54 (31%)

    Stable color temperature and brightness.Note:use 3 x AAA battery only.
    Low power consumption and high efficient output
    A PMMA protector in the front of light housing, makes LED bulbs more safe
    High quality LED lights and IC technology
    Brightness can be adjusted by the filters and dimming knob

  • YongNuo

    YONGNUO YN022 Yn-600l LED Studio Video Light Lamp with Adapter for Canon Nikon DSLR

    Photography (YongNuo)
    List Price: $118.96

    Supports external direct-current power input that conveniences you for a long time use. Adopts intelligent fan heat dissipation, which is effective to emit the heat of LED in long time use
    YN600L LED light adopts 600 high-quality LED lamp beads of extra-large luminous chips, brighter light, more evenly light spot and longer service time. Adopts the latest LED driving technology, definitely not appear the corrugated, stroboscopic and other negative phenomena when shooting, thus, it effectively improve the conversion efficiency
    YN600L LED light adopts the encoder digital dimming which can be separately adjusted to rough dimming and fine dimming modes?more convenient to use. YN600L LED light adopts digital display screen that allows you easier to view the power output.
    Compatible Batteries: SonyNP-F series (not included) NP-F750, NP-F550, NP-F950/B, NP-F530, NP-F970, NP-F970/B, NP-F570, NP-F770, NP-F960, NP-F930, NP-F930/B, NP-F950, NP-F330
    The infrared remote controller is configured, thus the brightness and power switch can be adjusted away from the machine, meanwhile three sets of camera lights can be respectively controlled, which allows you easy to operate. Two color temperature plates are configured and suitable for use under different environments

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