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Instruction Manual for Graflex Cameras RB Super D, RB ...
The automatic diaphragm, as used in the Super D Graflex, permits you to focus with the lens wide open and then automatically stops itself down to a pre-selected ...

Century Graphic - Graflex
The standard lens, the 101 mm f/4.5 Graflar or Trioptar, is the weakest and least expensive lens fitted to the Graflex lineup. It is a three-element triplet.

Home - Graflex Inc.
Welcome To Graflex, Inc. Graflex Incorporated designs, develops, and manufactures products which are recognized worldwide as the most durable and highest performing ...

Graflex XL lens coverage - Aruku Camera
Graflex XL lenses, including: 47mm f8 Schneider Super Angulon, 58mm f5.6 Rodenstock Grandagon 80mm f2.8 Rodenstock Heligon, 80mm f2.8 Zeiss Planar, 95mm f3.5 ...

Speed Graphic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Produced by Graflex in Rochester, New York, the Speed Graphic is commonly called the most famous press camera. Although the first Speed Graphic cameras were produced ...


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