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The Saturday Evening Post

Philadelphia (Pa.) - 1922

... the excise war tax. NEW KODAK PRICES NEW GRAFLEX PRICES 1920 1921 Present 1920-21 Present - Price Price Price Prices Prices West Pocket Kodaks No. 1A and 3A Autographic Graflex West Pocket Autographic Kodak, Single Lens .

School Arts

Art - 1916

83 to 91 Weybosset St. Providence, R. I. CARMICHAEL'S CAMERA AND LENS EXCHANGE 1 1 1 Summer Street, Boston, ... 2# x 3W Auto Graflex Junior, with Graflex filmpack adapter and fitted with Zeiss Ic. Tessar /: 4.5 lens, as good as new, ...

The School Arts Magazine

Art - 1916

6.3 lens, 3 double holders, plate (or film) magazine, filmpack # nothing finer made, as good as new, for $125.00; Roll Film Newman & Guardia Baby Sibyl, $70.00; 2% x 3%. Auto Graflex Junior, with Graflex filmpack adapter and fitted with Zeiss ...

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Graflex - Wikipedia
The first of the Graflex-branded cameras, released in 1898, was the Graflex camera, also known as the Graflex Reflex, or Graflex single lens reflex (SLR).

Graflex Price Guide: estimate a camera value
Graflex - The company history began in 1887, when the Folmer & Schwing Manufacturing Company was founded. It was acquired by George Eastman in

Graflex Saber Kit 2.0 - Parks Sabers - The Most Powerful ...
For best ordering results, please use a PC / Android / Flash enabled device. GRAFLEX Saber Kit 2.0 We are now offering the new Graflex Saber Kit 2.0.

Graflex 2.0 Saber Kit - TheCustomSaberShop
Graflex 2.0 Saber Kit. Includes everything shown in the pictures. Please grease threads once you take the bottom section off. The clamps on this batch have a moderate ...

The Photographer Who Shoots F1 with a 1913 Graflex 4x5 ...
Paul says he was inspired to cover F1 with his ancient camera after seeing 1969 magazine with photos of the Indy 500 that year. The photographer had intentionally ...


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