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The Saturday Evening Post

Philadelphia (Pa.) - 1922

... the excise war tax. NEW KODAK PRICES NEW GRAFLEX PRICES 1920 1921 Present 1920-21 Present - Price Price Price Prices Prices West Pocket Kodaks No. 1A and 3A Autographic Graflex West Pocket Autographic Kodak, Single Lens .

School Arts

Art - 1916

83 to 91 Weybosset St. Providence, R. I. CARMICHAEL'S CAMERA AND LENS EXCHANGE 1 1 1 Summer Street, Boston, ... 2# x 3W Auto Graflex Junior, with Graflex filmpack adapter and fitted with Zeiss Ic. Tessar /: 4.5 lens, as good as new, ...

The School Arts Magazine

Art - 1916

6.3 lens, 3 double holders, plate (or film) magazine, filmpack # nothing finer made, as good as new, for $125.00; Roll Film Newman & Guardia Baby Sibyl, $70.00; 2% x 3%. Auto Graflex Junior, with Graflex filmpack adapter and fitted with Zeiss ...

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Graflex - Wikipedia
The first of the Graflex-branded cameras, released in 1898, was the Graflex camera, also known as the Graflex Reflex, or Graflex single lens reflex (SLR).

Graflex Saber Kit 2.0 - Parks Sabers - The Most Powerful ...
For best ordering results, please use a PC / Android / Flash enabled device. GRAFLEX Saber Kit 2.0 We are now offering the new Graflex Saber Kit 2.0.

HUGE COLLECTION OF: Camera and optics-catalouges
Information Researching classic cameras and lenses can be a daunting process. We hope these pages will not only inform photographers about vintage camera equipment ...

A History of the Rochester, NY Camera and Lens Companies
A History of The Rochester, NY Camera and Lens Companies. by Rudolf Kingslake. Source: Kingslake, Rudolf, 1974, "The Rochester Camera and Lens Companies", Rochester ...

Using the RB Super D Graflex | Seawood Photo
By Graham Law, President, Seawood Photo. There aren’t many large format cameras that that I would describe as spontaneous or hand-holdable.


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