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Photo-era magazine

Creator: Juan C. Abel, Thomas Harrison Cummings, Wilfred A. French, A. H. Beardsley | Photography - 1922

The reply in every case was that nothing could be done to shorten the focus of the Graflex lens, and several letters suggested that I use a different type of camera for my minute work. That, however, did not appeal to me because, ...


Creator: Eastman Kodak Company | 1920

For average views, a lens of medium focus is used, while the unusually long bellows accommodates long focus lenses ... The Graflex focal plane shutter, giving exposures of Vio t0 Viooo of a second, is accurate and thoroughly reliable.

U.S. camera

Creator: Tom Maloney | Photography - 1956

Graflex has maintained the pace with products and features like Push-Button Focusing for 35 mm. . . . interchangeable cams to match rangefinder focusing to any Graphic lens . . . exclusive Depthmaster Auto-focus for stereo . . . modern ...

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Graflex, Inc. - Muzzle Boresights - Pan Tilt - Motorized ...
Graflex announces a very customizable IP67 sealed & purged camera assembly featuring the Graflex 62X Zoom Lens with your choice of camera (Standard, or Hi Definition ...

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Speed Graphic/Press/View Lenses - Graflex
Speed Graphic/Press/View Lenses. Lenses for a 4x5" are specialized. Each lens has a certain amount of ``coverage,'' or diameter of acceptable image circle.

graflex lens | eBay - Electronics, Cars, Fashion ...
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Large-Format Lens Specifications - Graflex
Focal Length 47-65mm; Brand Model Elements/Groups Focal Length Maximum Aperture Image Circle Coverage Film to Flange Distance Price Data Source; Schneider


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  • Graflex - The Camera for More Interesting Pictures (together with) Supplement Graflex Catalog - Lenses (together with) Graflex Folmer Corp. Typed Lettter signed)

    Book (Folmer Graflex Corp.)

  • Authenticated

    1922 Ad Eastman Kodak Co Rochester NY Graflex Negative Photo Child Camera - Original Print Ad

    Home (Authenticated)
    List Price: $37.95

    Grade: Near Mint / Very Fine+
    Product Type: Original Print Ad; Black / White
    Dimensions: Approximately 6.5 x 9.5 inches; 17 x 24 cm
    Packaged in custom sleeve w/ archival black board (great for display, gift-giving, and preservation)
    Authentication: Dual Serial-Numbered Certificates of Authenticity w/ Full Provenance

  • Morgan & Lester

    Photography with the Graflex "22."

    Book (Morgan & Lester)

  • Fotodiox

    Hasselblad H-Mount Digital Back to Large Format 4x5 Pro Adaptor - Sliding / Stitching Back Adapter with Focusing Screen - All 4x5 View Cameras with a Graflok Rear Standard

    Photography (Fotodiox)
    List Price: $479.95
    Price: $399.95
    You Save: $80.00 (17%)

    24 Month Manufacturer Warranty
    Composition screen has dovetail tracks for various focusing accessories
    Multiple exposures are in a linear array, perfect for flat-stitching to reduce distortion errors inherent in spherical stitching
    Preview the full image before taking the first shot with the built in composition screen
    Mount a modern Hasselblad H camera sensor onto 4x5 view cameras and utilize correction movements (tilts/shifts/swings)