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144 pages

Mastering Flash Photography, A Course in Basic to Advanced Lighting Techniques

Creator: Susan McCartney | Photography - 1997-10-01

I use Chimera softboxes. These are well-priced and sturdy, and diffuse light evenly. They come in on-cam- era, mini, ... I find them to be the easiest softboxes to assemble and take apart. In addition, the Chimera softboxes collapse and ...

Publisher: Amphoto

128 pages

Children's Portrait Photography Handbook

Creator: Bill Hurter | Photography - 2007-05-28

Photographer Brian Shindle uses a big 4x6-foot softbox and a secondary 2x4-foot softbox to wash his small clients in a soft directional light. Stacy Bratton also uses soft large light — primarily a 72x54-inch Chimera softbox with an ...

Publisher: Amherst Media

About this book
Packed with practical techniques that both inform and inspire, this professional guidebook to photographing babies, small children, and teenagers presents new strategies to maximize client cooperation and ensure smooth sessions. The entire child-based photographic process is addressed, including proper equipment selection, physical and behavioral controls for young subjects, working with black-and-white exposures, assessing raw versus JPEG modes, and evaluating digital exposures by determining over- and underexposure metering. Chapters devoted to mastering studio lighting—from direct and diffused lighting tactics to employing the use of umbrellas and softboxes—as well as working in sunlight and twilight environments is also featured.

432 pages

Speedliter's Handbook, Learning to Craft Light with Canon Speedlites

Creator: Syl Arena, Michael Murphy | Photography - 2010-12-19

Remember to spin the Speedlite so that the slave sensor faces the master. It also holds the Cheetah Beauty Dish described on page 198. Chimera Speedlite Speed Ring—I've used Chimera softboxes with my studio strobes for over 15 years.

Publisher: Peachpit Press

About this book
This is the eBook version of the printed book. Getting your Canon Speedlite to produce the light you need can be a real challenge. For those new to flash photography—or for anyone who has previously given up out of frustration—Speedliter’s Handbook is a revelation. Photographer Syl Arena takes you on a journey that begins with an exploration of light and color, moves through a comprehensive discussion of the Canon Speedlite family and all of the accessories and equipment available to the Speedliter, then settles down to crafting great light in one photo shoot after another. Whether you want to create a classical portrait, shoot an event, or simply add a little fill light to a product shot, Speedliter’s Handbook shows you how.A fantastic in-depth resource illustrated with over 500 images, Speedliter’s Handbook covers:how to see the various characteristics and properties of light itself, as well as the differences between how your camera sees versus how you seeall the buttons and dials of the entire Canon Speedlite familythe basics of on-camera flash…and the necessity of getting your flash off the camerahow to beautifully balance flash with the existing ambient lightall the equipment necessary for great Speedlite shotshow to get amazing shots with just one Speedlitehow and when to use E-TTL versus manual flashthe use of color gels to balance color, as well as create dramatic effectshow to tame the sun—or any really bright light—with hi-speed syncand much, much moreWhether you’re shooting portraits, events, or sports, Speedliter’s Handbook is an essential resource that teaches you how to craft the light you need for any type of shot you want.

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Chimera Medium Video Pro Plus 1 Softbox 36x48" 8134 B&H
Buy Chimera Medium Video Pro Plus 1 Softbox 36x48" (90 x 120cm) Review Chimera Softboxes, Softboxes & Umbrellas

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Chimera Octa 2 Collapsible Beauty Dish (24") 6010 B&H Photo
Buy Chimera Octa 2 Collapsible Beauty Dish (24") features Lightweight, Transportable, Use with or without Front Screen. Review Chimera Softboxes, Softboxes & Umbrellas


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  • Chimera

    Chimera Video Pro Plus 1 Light Bank X-Small 16x22"

    Photography (Chimera)

    ***Photo shows multiple softbanks in multiple sizes*** We are selling (1) 16"x22" Softbank
    Size: XSmall 16"x22"

  • Chimera

    Chimera Super Pro Plus Shallow Bank Softbox with Silver Interior, Medium 36" x 48"

    Photography (Chimera)
    List Price: $410.00
    Price: $338.00
    You Save: $72.00 (18%)

    Depth: 16" / 41cm
    Dimensions: 36 X 48" / 90 X 120cm

  • Chimera

    Chimera OB2 PRO Kit, with Octa 2 Beauty Dish Body, Center Bounce Back Disc, Octa Front Diffusion Screen & Versi Octa Speed Ring

    Photography (Chimera)
    List Price: $399.00
    Price: $350.00
    You Save: $49.00 (12%)

    Octa 2 Dish: Removable Interior Baffle: Uses included bounce disc
    Octa 2 Dish: Size: 24" (61 cm)
    Octa 2 Dish: Compatibility: All strobes with optional Chimera OctaPlus speed ringsCamera flash units with a height of 4.5 to 7.5" (11.4 - 19 cm) base to middle of the reflector with Versi Octa speed ring
    Octa 2 Dish: Removable Front Face: Yes
    Octa 2 Dish: Shape: Octagon

  • Chimera

    Chimera Single Scrim, Large - for 54x72" Softbox

    Photography (Chimera)
    List Price: $280.00
    Price: $245.00
    You Save: $35.00 (12%)

    Size: Large
    Compatibility: Chimera Large Super Pro, Video Pro Plus or Video Pro Plus 1 Softbox

  • Fotodiox Inc.

    Fotodiox Pro Softbox, 32" x 48" with Speedring for Alien Bees Strobe Light

    Photography (Fotodiox Inc.)
    List Price: $54.95

    Pro-grade, heat-resistant, & reflective fabric
    Sealable venting for use with modeling lamp or continuous lighting source
    Includes a 24 month manufacturer warranty
    Rotating speedring with thumb-screw lock
    Features an inner baffle and outer diffusive cover for an even light throw

  • Visico

    Visico Softbox Soft Box 40cm x 200cm & Honeycomb Grid / Bowens Flash

    Photography (Visico)

    Includes nylon carrying case.
    Visico® brand
    Includes Honeycomb Grid
    Includes inner baffle (diffuser)
    Metal speed ring.

  • Chimera

    Chimera PRO II Lightbanks Medium White

    Photography (Chimera)
    List Price: $255.00
    Price: $210.00
    You Save: $45.00 (18%)

    Size: Medium
    Depth: 24" / 60cm
    Front Dimensions: 36 X 48" / 90 X 120cm

  • Visico

    Folding Portable Softbox 60cm x 90cm w Grid for Bowens Flash Strobe EZ

    Photography (Visico)

    Features interchangeable O6 metal mount.
    Includes inner baffle (diffuser)
    Includes nylon carrying case.
    Folding softbox. Easy assembly.
    Includes Honeycomb Grid

  • Fotodiox Inc.

    Fotodiox Pro 24"x80" Softbox PLUS Grid / Eggcrate for Studio Strobe / Flash with Soft Diffuser and Dedicated Speedring, for Balcar, White Lightning, Lighting, X800, X1600, X3200 Strobe Flash Light

    Photography (Fotodiox Inc.)
    List Price: $119.95

  • Visico

    EZ Lightstand Mount Octagonal Softbox 150cm for Bowens Soft Box with Honeycomb Grid & Internal Baffle Visico Soft Box

    Photography (Visico)

    Includes inner baffle (diffuser)
    Metal speed ring. Easier softbox assembly with the mounting holes angled in at 15 degrees.
    Visico® brand
    Includes Honeycomb Grid
    Includes nylon carrying case.

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