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628 pages

That's the Joint!, The Hip-hop Studies Reader

Creator: Murray Forman, Mark Anthony Neal | Music - 2004-01

(Dery, "Public Enemy" 85-86) The turntable places the record at the center of the hip hop performance, turning the notion of ... The pro-active artistic process which utilizes and makes functional what is heard backdrops hip hop from start to ...

Publisher: Psychology Press

About this book
That's the Joint: The Hip-Hop Studies Reader brings together the best-known and most influential writings on rap and hip-hop from its beginnings to today. Spanning nearly 25 years of scholarship, criticism, and journalism, this unprecedented anthology showcases the evolution and continuing influence of one of the most creative and contested elements of global popular culture since its advent in the late 1970s. That's the Joint presents the most important hip-hop scholarship in one comprehensive volume, addressing hip-hop as both a musical and a cultural practice. Think of it as "Hip-Hop 101."

249 pages

Hip-Hop Japan, Rap and the Paths of Cultural Globalization

Creator: Ian Condry | Music - 2006-11-01

The Second Era: What Is Japanese Hip-Hop? Things changed in 1994, when the rap trio Scha ... The sappy music video produced by Epic/Sony, with corny illustrated backdrops, reinforced this impression. One response from the underground ...

Publisher: Duke University Press

About this book
In this lively ethnography Ian Condry interprets Japan’s vibrant hip-hop scene, explaining how a music and culture that originated halfway around the world is appropriated and remade in Tokyo clubs and recording studios. Illuminating different aspects of Japanese hip-hop, Condry chronicles how self-described “yellow B-Boys” express their devotion to “black culture,” how they combine the figure of the samurai with American rapping techniques and gangsta imagery, and how underground artists compete with pop icons to define “real” Japanese hip-hop. He discusses how rappers manipulate the Japanese language to achieve rhyme and rhythmic flow and how Japan’s female rappers struggle to find a place in a male-dominated genre. Condry pays particular attention to the messages of emcees, considering how their raps take on subjects including Japan’s education system, its sex industry, teenage bullying victims turned schoolyard murderers, and even America’s handling of the war on terror.Condry attended more than 120 hip-hop performances in clubs in and around Tokyo, sat in on dozens of studio recording sessions, and interviewed rappers, music company executives, music store owners, and journalists. Situating the voices of Japanese artists in the specific nightclubs where hip-hop is performed—what musicians and fans call the genba (actual site) of the scene—he draws attention to the collaborative, improvisatory character of cultural globalization. He contends that it was the pull of grassroots connections and individual performers rather than the push of big media corporations that initially energized and popularized hip-hop in Japan. Zeebra, DJ Krush, Crazy-A, Rhymester, and a host of other artists created Japanese rap, one performance at a time.

Blues & Soul

Music - 1990-01

Albums RUBY TURNER: Jive HIP 89 PARADISE: Paradise; It's Gonna Be Alright; It's A Cryin' Shame; Leaves In The Wind; ... black radio malnutritious fodder and introducing cool, jazzy moves on top of rhythmically enticing hip- hop backdrops  ...

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Hip Hop Enquirer Magazine, LLC
Amber Rose Closes 8 Million Dollar Deal To Talk About Sex. Proud mother, activist, entrepreneur, spokesperson, talk show host, model, and published author Amber Rose ...

The 100 Greatest Hip-Hop Beats of All Time | Complex
Beats, Rhymes and Life: The name of the famous A Tribe Called Quest album. The reason "beats" comes first? Production. It's arguably the most important element of hip ...

{Fresh Prince Inspired} 80's Hip Hop Party Theme ...
INCREDIBLE Fresh Prince of Bel Air inspired 80's Hip Hop Party with a graffiti cake, cassette tape garlands, microphone cake pops & more!

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Producer Scott Storch raked in hip-hop millions and then ...
Scott Storch raked in hip-hop millions and then snorted his way to ruin


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