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143 pages

Large Format Nature Photography

Creator: Jack W. Dykinga | 2001-10-01

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Dykings discusses how to use the large-format camera, which he believes is the best tool for photographing the landscape.

Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications

About this book
A manual on taking large-format nature photographs, written by Pulitzerrize-winning author Jack Dykinga. The author merges photojournalismechniques with large-format photography to create spectacular images ofature and remote locations. In order to capture the intricacies, patterns,extures, tonal range and colours that made Dykinga famous, he uses a 4x5amera, film, lenses, light metres, filters, colours, composition, digitalacks and tripods. Photographers will also learn how to work with the weather,eep images organized and maintain their personal vision, as expressed inore than 200 photographs of Dykinga's own work.

216 pages

New Dimensions in Photo Processes, A Step by Step Manual

Creator: Laura Blacklow | 2012-09-10

See Supply Sources for contact information. View Camera Magazine “The journal of large-format photography,” published by the folks involved in Camera Arts (see above). The World Journal of Post-Factory Photography Post-Factory Press 61 ...

Publisher: Focal Press

About this book
Clear instructions and step-by-step photographs teach you how to mix chemicals and apply light-sensitive emulsions by hand, how to create imagery in and out of the darkroom, how to translocate Polaroid photos and magazine and newspaper pictures, and how to alter black-and-white photographs. A color portfolio highlights the work of internationally known artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Todd Walker, and most recently Doug and Mike Starn, and an invaluable list of supply sources (including e-mail addresses) from throughout North America and Europe is included at the end of the book. Setting aside old distinctions between photographer and nonphotographer, New Dimensions in Photo Processes invites artists in all media to discover nonsilver imaging techniques. Painters, printmakers, fiber artists, sculptors, illustrators and photographers alike will find this a valuable, practical text outlining creative processes that require little or no knowledge of photography and chemistry.

400 pages

National Geographic Ultimate Field Guide to Photography, Revised and Expanded

Creator: National Geographic | 2009-04-21

Picture This bi-monthly, NYC-based photography magazine includes calendar and event information, photographer ... of the best photojournalists. www.time. com View Camera This bimonthly magazine dedicated to large-format photography ...

Publisher: National Geographic

About this book
Straightforward and entertaining, this is the ultimate source for people seeking real how-to advice from the editors and photographers of National Geographic. It is carefully designed to lead the amateur photographer to better pictures and is comprehensive in scope, explaining the entire process from choosing a camera to taking the pictures to printing, scanning, and archiving the images. The National Geographic Ultimate Field Guide to Photography spells out the basics of fine photography—whether you are using a digital SLR or a film camera—as well as more advanced techniques for the amateur photographer. From the top twelve color moves to creative gift ideas to quality camera phone photography, this guide will not only inspire you but also arm you with the practical know-how to get great images. It is the indispensable reference for photographers everywhere.

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Getting Started in Large Format Photography : Copyright 2000 by View Camera Magazine. For the private use of readers only

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